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The novel coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, has had a ripple effect across significant markets throughout the world. Reactions to the spread of this virus have ranged from warning to panic, and with doubt is immediately cast on if that place is safe to visit or reside in anymore.

The UAE is among many states that are affected, though panic is the furthest thing from anybody’s mind. Here are the reasons why Dubai property remains one of the property investments you may make during those times.

With a roster of professionals that come to a number of the facilities and technologies available, the UAE has the means to stop further spread of the virus in the country and also to keep its populace secure. Of those 45 infected individuals all had been discovered at a really early stage courtesy of testing. Of those individuals, 7 have made a complete recovery and the others are being given the highest standards of health care.

The UAE has taken concrete steps toward doing this as many countries are in the process of looking at potential solutions to curb the coronavirus epidemic.

 The UAE was the first nation on earth to announce temporary school closures to disinfect the facilities so students could return to a cleaner and safer environment in the future – a remote learning program guarantees that pupils continue to stay informed about their lessons in the interim.

 It is also the first country to carry out intensive screening of each arriving passenger to capture ailments before they have a chance.

Impact of Coronavirus in Real Estate

Life continues in town. While events have been cancelled due to health issues, there are several other people which are still going ahead to stop the spread of infection. There’s a strong emphasis on simple and simple common sense, along with appropriate hand hygiene, to fight the virus as opposed to blind panic.

The UAE has always been a destination which provides peace of mind for investors, also during times of unrest and international instability. That holds truer than now. Dubai Real Estate, Coronavirus continues to surge ahead with plans for Expo 2020 and there have been significant announcements like Cristiano Ronaldo being awarded a Golden residency visa.

As you might expect during any crisis, there will be a dip. This is excellent news for homebuyers and particularly for investors, that can acquire a property at a bargain that is reasonable and can expect to reap substantial returns when the market turns.

And really, you want an investment you’ll be able to rely on during a period like this. Speculation over the entire effects of coronavirus has resulted in enormous losses for stock markets across the world. Because of the nature of stocks, all these losses may yet become sharper before going on the rise. The stability of investing in brick-and-mortar keeps you protected within the medium and long term.

We understand that the effects of the virus is a concern for each our potential clients. Please get in touch with all our Private Client Advisory staff, who may provide you a more thorough analysis of the market and provide advice to you on how you can stay ahead of any changing trends.


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